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Vermont calling Engineers - A sense of place, better pace, more space- in our dynamic state.

It isn't just about the job. It is about the quality of life our state offers. What is here for you?

You see the maple syrup and Ben & Jerry commercials. The tourism, the camping, the snow fun, it is all great stuff. BUT at the end of the day, what can Vermont provide you that a more populated area can't?

People. Community. Support. When you move into Vermont you do not become a faceless neighbor on a busy street. You become a part of a community, a community where you work, live and the connections you make everywhere you go. Being a part of a community, enriches your life in so many ways. The people of Vermont have been known to be collaborators, driven for the missions to make a better world vs driven by ego and self advancement. Working together to make better schools, cultures and thriving communities.

Education. Vermont schools refer to a student body as a "family". Small class sizes, high expectations of educators, a huge push for technology in schools and people who care about the whole child. After school programs geared to offer 3rd space activities to enrich children in that in between time from school - to dinner.

Endless opportunity to experience natural space and participate in an abundance of activities that involve animals, making things, art and nature, every single day with no special planning. Your kids will thank you for signing them up for 4-H where they can experience the world of raising animals, or raise them yourself. Local products are celebrated. People love to support others in the learning of things in Vermont. Learn to farm, learn to garden, learn to make.

Safe schools, neighborhoods and community. People watch out for each other, support each other in times of needs.

We have a huge focus on health in Vermont. Traditional medicine and a huge number of alternative health professionals in every corner, from acupuncture to reiki, a natural approach to health and wellness is available in Vermont to include midwives, massage, therapists, spiritual practitioners, in every community to fit the needs of any.

Food, clean eating! Our state has more coops then any other state. Organic and locally raised food is abundant, in markets, restaurants and the backyards of many Vermonters.

A vibrant under told world of young enthusiastic people coming to or living in, Vermont to do things with real meaning. Space start ups, tech start ups, making the world's best beer, meeting in maker spaces, local hot spots for trivia and bringing in new ideas, having fun and being awesome.

A place to just "be" you.

About our clients: 

Orion works closely with only the best cultures, visiting, touring and getting to know the real people you will work with. Our clients all have several commonalities that share our vision of the perfect place to work.

Employees are the most valuable assets

Cultures that are healthy, upbeat and inspired

Exciting products that are meaningful and have measurable impact on the health and safety of patients and people

Perks that stand out - and are interesting, unique, meaningful and useful

Our companies are growing and making headlines!

Anyone is welcome to apply, in any industry, we are Vermonters who are happy to connect you to other opportunities and resources about our state.

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